Why choose Sunset Memorial Park?
We are locally and family-owned and are the mostly highly endowed cemetery in the state of New Mexico. Sunset has its own water rights and isn’t dependent on municipal water to stay green and beautiful. The property at Sunset is deeded property — you own the property. Sunset has the widest selections of property types and options to fit any budget.
We don’t have a lot of money. Does Sunset have any assistance program for low-income families?
For families who have experienced a loss, life insurance policies may be used to help cover the burial costs, and Sunset has the ability to work with a local credit union to help families secure financing.
In addition to the purchase of the property, what expenses will I incur at the cemetery?
While there are differences depending on the area and the nature of the property selected (i.e. traditional casket vs. cremation, above-ground vs. in-ground). In general, in-ground spaces require opening/closing, an outer enclosure or vault, and a marker if desired. Above-ground property requires opening/closing and lettering, if desired. Some properties allow for more than one individual to be placed in them. Those properties may require an additional interment right.
Can you make special accommodations for my faith traditions? Does Sunset have sections specific to individual religious affiliations? (Jewish? Muslim? Buddhist? Etc.?)
Yes, we can make accommodations based on your faith traditions. Sunset is a non-sectarian cemetery, serving individuals of all faiths or those who have no specific religious affiliation. There are no separate denominational sections within park.
Do I have to use FRENCH Funerals-Cremations?
While we partner with all funeral homes, Sunset is part of the FRENCH Family of Companies. Through this relationship, families have found the quality of a family-owned and operated company, FRENCH Funerals-Cremations, taking care of all their needs.
What is your flower policy?
Fresh flowers are permitted year-round. Artificial flowers are permitted from November 15th though March 31. However, no glass or ceramic vases are permitted. Fresh flower wraps are typically available for purchase in the Administrative Office. For more information regarding our Flower and Decoration Guidelines, please read the complete list posted in the Resource Section of this website.
What about headstones? Can I have an upright headstone? Are there size or purchasing restrictions?
All the headstones must be either granite or bronze. The stone itself or the bronze backer must be at least 3” thick.

The ground burial areas of the park all require flush markers. There are select in-ground cremation options which allow for upright headstones.

There are specific size requirements depending on the property’s location. There is a setting fee to install markers.

Can I decorate my loved one’s grave?
No structures or demarcations of the grave space are allowed and will be removed. Flowers are allowed but must follow our guidelines depending on the time of year.
Do you give Veterans a discount?
Sunset honors our veterans and their service and does provide a discount to veterans with a valid DD-214. Sunset also offers a discount for clergy and first-responders. Sunset has established a beautiful cremation pavilion dedicated to veterans.
What if I don’t need my property?
Sunset does not buy property back. Families may transfer or sell their property to someone else, but any change of ownership must go through Sunset Memorial Park, and we require the original deed to be surrendered at the time of the transfer. Families may also participate in our consignment program.
Are pets allowed in the park?
Pets are welcome in the park, but must be on a leash always. Owners must clean up after their pets, and waste disposal bags are available at both entrances to the park.
I heard that Sunset doesn’t charge for infant services. Is there an age cut-off?
There is no charge for the property or service for little ones interred in our Garden of Angels. For those who have lost a child up to the age of 18 and are resting in other areas of the park, there is no charge for the service, and we provide a 50% discount for the property, outer enclosure and headstone.
Is there still space available?
Yes, Sunset continues to develop new, award-winning properties throughout the park.