Cremation Options

Cremation is becoming a common choice for families. When you choose cremation, you can still memorialize your loved one in a variety of ways. In fact, grief therapists and counselors assert that memorialization is an important part of the grieving and healing process. Having a permanent place to gather and remember your loved one for you and your future generations can provide immeasurable comfort. You may choose to place your loved one’s remains in our urn garden, mausoleum, above ground burial (crypt) or niche, or interred in a traditional grave. Niches are designed to store cremated remains for perpetuity.

Earth Burial
Sunset Memorial Park offers ground burial for families choosing cremation. We place the remains in an urn within a protective outer enclosure. Cremated remains can be buried throughout Sunset Memorial Park in single or companion gravesites with flush mounted grave markers.

Many families choose to scatter cremated remains. Depending on your location of choice, there may be laws and regulations regarding scattering. For example, in New Mexico, as in most states, it is illegal to scatter cremated remains on most State Parks and public lands. At Sunset Memorial Park, our Rose Garden provides a beautiful place for you to scatter your loved ones remains.

We offer several options for final disposition of cremated remains:

• Outdoor Crypts

- CTF Memorial Mausoleum
- Freedom Way
- Floral Crypts

• Indoor crypts

- CTF Memorial Mausoleum

• Cremation Burial Plots

- Sunset Memorial Park (proper)
- Centennial Urn Garden

• Indoor Niches

- CTF Memorial Mausoleum

• Scattering

- Rose Garden

• Outdoor Niches

- Old Town Mosaic
- CTF Memorial Mausoleum
- Centennial Urn Garden