Burial Options

Traditional burial, including earth and crypt burials, have long been honored forms of memorialization. Sunset Memorial Park continues these respected practices by providing these and several other options.

Earth Burial
Chester T. French founded Sunset Memorial Park in 1929 as a place of beauty and inspiration; a place where families and friends could visit their loved ones in comfort. Today, we continue to provide burial sites for those who desire the tradition of ground burial. We place casketed remains within a protective outer enclosure (burial vault), to ensure the integrity of the casket, and place in the gravesite selected. Our Family Service Counselors will assist you in choosing the perfect resting place for your loved one and in designing a unique and permanent memorial.

Above Ground Entombment/Crypts
Above ground burial provides some unique options and eliminates the expense of purchasing a grave space, a burial vault, and a monument or grave marker. The Chester T. French Memorial Mausoleum, Freedom Way and Floral Crypts provide beautiful in and outdoor options for families. We seal the casketed remains, place them within the wall of the selected crypt and inscribe the name and dates of birth and death on the marble crypt fronts. We often finish with a flower vase to create a beautiful and dignified family gathering place.